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Will and Tiffany Threlkeld

Will and Tiffany have been married since 2005 and have 7 children (YES, you read that right, 7). Will is known throughout the community and once you meet him, you’re automatically his friend. His culinary school training brings a whole new flavor to the food at the Falls Ballroom.

Will and Tiffany purchased the Falls Ballroom from the Peterson Family in May 2010. Originally run by Al and Lucy Dietz, then Jerry and Elaine Peterson (daughter of Al and Lucy) and finally Tom (son of Elaine and Jerry) and Francie Peterson. While at the ballroom for a fundraiser Tom told Will that “he should buy this place”. Will, a stay at home dad at the time, tried to convince Tiffany.  Months later, while attending another event at the ballroom Tom ran the idea by Will again. Finally with some convincing Tiffany told Will to go for it. A year later they were both behind the bar learning how to run a ballroom. Tiffany left her job at Camp Ripley to help Will and the rest is history. They have been working side by side ever since. “It’s not the easiest job (working with your spouse) but we make it work.”

Will and Tiffany are both veterans of the Minnesota Army National Guard. They are dedicated members of the community and believe in supporting local small business whenever possible. You will find bread from The Little Falls Bakery and Deli and salmon from the Alaskan Fish Company on their buffet. They also have a passion for helping to grow the community of Little Falls.

Since becoming owners in 2010, they have kept the heart and tradition of the Falls Ballroom but have also been working to make it their own. The best thing about Will and Tiffany is that when you’re in the room with them you will always find yourself laughing. They’re the kind of people that will take the stress off your shoulders and pull your event off perfectly. They are committed to going above and beyond to make your event everything you’ve dreamed of and more.

Photo Credit: Christina Johnson Photography

Falls Ballroom named ‘Small Business of the Year’ 2020

   God is good. That is how Will and Tiffany Threlkeld, owners of Falls Ballroom in Little Falls, describe their journey through the COVID-19 pandemic. The last year has been far from easy for the couple, whose main business is hosting and catering weddings and other events.

    Like many other businesses, Falls Ballroom took a hard hit during the state’s shutdown and other implemented restrictions to operate. However, both having served in the Minnesota Army National Guard and being quite resilient, they started thinking about how they could continue their business while also helping other struggling businesses and people in the community. In many ways, it has been one day at a time. However, their effort has not gone unnoticed.

Recently Will and Tiffany found out they were named Small Business of the Year by the Little Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. It came as a surprise to both, especially since there are so many other small businesses in the community that are deserving of the honor, Will said.

    “It’s very humbling,” he said. (Click Link for full story)